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Web design

Your website is a reflection of you. Does yours leave a lasting impression?

Don’t settle for second best

With millions of websites on the internet you want to be sure your website stands out, represents you well, and most importantly, helps your organization grow

If you don’t have a website that contributes directly to your revenue through sales or leads, you’re missing out on a huge potential market. In today’s modern world not having a website or having a dated one often causes a bad first impression with your potential clients, regardless of industry.

100 Billion searches per month - globally… Research products and services online and every major brand or business is represented with a website and a variety of social media accounts.

You need a website that represents your company well AND grows your business.

So what can we deliver on?   

- regarding a website tailored for your business

Just a few objectives when designing a website

Keyword ranking analyze

A keyword analysis provides the necessary insight into how a target audience uses search engines to find a website, its products or services. The more it is known about the target group's search behavior, the more accurate it can be, both through search engines, but also when visitors land on the site.

Custom web design that results in a site that is visually appealing, easy to use, optimized, converts visitors into consumers, is mobile-friendly, and encourages growth over time.

.   SEO Optimized website that is built from the start with search in mind.


.   Clearly communicating your companies message with information on your products, services, and company culture.


.   Driving leads and attracting traffic via search engine optimization and using conversion centered design methodology and advanced user experience to drive your visitors to action

.    Clear calls to action, helping visitors get in touch and find you with contact info, locations, and driving directions.

The website we design is tailored to meet the online needs of your customers and we want you to be involved in the process! When you design a site with us, you will be involved with:

.    Direct communication with the web team to discuss the project including developing a strategy, design requirements, budget details,scope of work, schedule, etc. And for the

     convenience of our clients our meetings are held using video conferencing.


.    Collaboration with an assigned Project Manager to review the web process, set expectations, answer any questions and ensure you are fully aware how your site will be built.

.    Approval process of your site’s strategy, design, content, and launch.

.    Customized process to fit your needs. Of course we know schedules can be hectic at times, so we can work with you whether you want to be thoroughly or only marginally involved.

5 Keys to Superior Web Design

1. Visual Appeal

You only have one chance to make a great first impression. Are your site visitors saying WOW! or OW!? when they see your site for the first time? People make immediate decisions about the credibility of your company, your brand or your products when they see your web site.

2. Ease of Use

If your site can’t be easily navigated and your valuable content can’t be easily found, then your users will go elsewhere. We work hard to plan and build sites that are intuitive, simple and easy to navigate. We want our users to feel like everything is right where they expect it to be.

3. High Quality, Optimized Content

Investing in a beautiful site and neglecting the content is like buying a car without an engine. A superior web site has clear, compelling and concise content with clear calls to action. We work with our clients to make sure that the content on their site is well written, search engine optimized and created with the client’s business objectives in mind.

4. Conversion of visitors into customers

Early on in the planning process we will determine what a “conversion” or call to action looks like for your web site. It could be to submit a lead form, make a phone call or purchase a product. We then keep that goal in mind for the entire process from design to coding to content writing. We want your web site to be the primary tool for growth in your company.

5. Traffic growth over time

We want to see your new web site rise to the next level. To do that we need lots of quality traffic. We will work with you to establish an ongoing internet marketing plan that includes search engine optimization, social media marketing, email marketing and more.

Time is money

Building a new website that is both functional and also search engine optimized today does not have to be expensive or time consuming - a minor website takes about 7 days to make, from idea & design, and till the basis SEO optimization are implemented